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Enjoy Camping with a Motorcycle Twist!

Motorcycle camping has increased in popularity throughout the years. Many motorcycle riders are now taking to the open road pulling a small camper behind. These camping trailers weigh less than the standard pop-up campers most to which most campers are accustomed. Though the size is smaller, there is definitely room for two. Manufacturers are now making a variety of camper sizes for campers to tow behind motorcycles.

Many people find motorcycle camping to be adventurous and thrilling. Motorcycle campgrounds can be found virtually everywhere, such as Alabama, Arizona, South Dakota, Georgia, Tennessee and California, among other beautiful states.

Most motorcycle campgrounds promote the camp as catering specifically to motorcycles, such as North Carolina?€?s Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground. As with any campground, be sure to make reservations in advance to ensure there is a campsite available when you arrive.

One popular event is the Sturgis Festival in South Dakota where you will see first-hand that motorcycle camping allows for any more people to enjoy themselves and join in the fun. Especially during the festival, hotel rooms are usually difficult to find which makes camping an even better option. You will find tents, homemade campers and pull-behind camping trailers towed behind many different vehicles, including motorcycles. Motorcycle camping trips can be enjoyable for everyone.

As with all camping, you will need to bring along camping gear such as blankets, sleeping bags, food, cooking utensils and supplies and, of course, clothing. Towing a camper behind your motorcycle makes this gear much easier to bring along. Otherwise, you will need to pack your gear keeping in mind the travel ahead of you. Motorcycle camping does not require all of the comforts of home, unlike many campers are experiencing as they venture out to the countryside with new, accessorized pop-up campers. With motorcycle camping, you should be able to simply rollup your tent and sleeping bag and hook it on the bike. If you are indeed towing a camper, then you can obviously put these items in the camper.

Remember, motorcycle camping should be fun. Do not go overboard with supplies and gear. Pack light. You can always wash your clothing in a nearby laundry mat providing extra space for some other supplies you may need during the trip.

Once you are headed out, the fun of motorcycle camping is that you can stay in one place as little or as much as you want. You can go anywhere, see anything and pack up quickly to venture off to your next destination and campground.

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